Paddy Carroll Jungerai

Artist Biography:
Paddy Carroll Jungerai is a Warlpiri tribesman who was born at Yarrungkanyi (north-west of Yuendumu) in c.1927 or earlier. As a young man Paddy served the Australian Army during World War II and Later Worked as a stockman on many of the large cattle stations around Central Australia, including thirty years at Narwietooma Station, a period of his life he greatly enjoyed and is very proud of. Paddy 'stopped' at Papunya in the mid 1970's where he observed some of the elder men painting their dreaming son canvas, and began to paint himself. He has since gained the reputation of being amongst the foremost of the western desert artists and has painted for many major exhibitions in most Australian capitols. In 1988 he painted the concentric circles for the bicentennial $10 note and in 1991 he traveled the United States with Dinny Nolan Jampitjinpa on a working exhibition. His work is represented in the art gallery of South Australia, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Parliament House, Australian Museum, Sydney, University of Western Australia Anthropology Museum, Holmes a Court, Flinders University Art Museum, Broken Hill Art Gallery, and others… Paddy lives at Three Mile outstation (three miles from Papunya) with his wife Ruby Nungala. He is a well regarded old man and the men from Papunya will often take a kangaroo out to him as a sign of their respect. To this day Paddy is still amused and perplexed by the Europeans fascination with his work.