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South Apartment E
Allendale Campus -> 1st Floor (bldg E)
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Location Notes:
Moved to AGW (7/1/2019)

Ambiguity: The Deaf, The Blind, and The Dumb

Joey Salamon
GVSU Collection
Mixed Media
Artworks - Height: 48 in Width: 72 in
A colorful image using mosaic-like texture to form the image. There are three figures in the upper right corner, man, woman and child. They're all looking up at the viewer and appear to be standing at a ledge. There is another figure off to the left. Only seen from the torso down, and appears to be on their side. They wear a dark shirt and have a yellow sleeve. Their pants contain many colors.
Historical Context:
"My artwork is constructed to be meaningful and un-meaningful at the same time, all the elements of a story or idea are represented, but no one single belief is clearly illustrated. I construct each piece using this process, I myself have no particular goal or story in mind, and I am in the same boat as the viewer, constructing a vividly colorful story that in turn justifies no particular answer or specific idea. It's as if waking from a psychedelic and surreal dream where instantly the story becomes fragmented, fuzzy and unclear, but a certain feeling and overall vibe continues to hazily linger. It is that representational snapshot of a dream summarized, but yet entirely too ambiguous to explain what you just experienced." - Joey Salamon