Current Location:
Zumberge Administration (JHZ) -> Ground Floor (JHZ)
Location Notes:
JHZ; Ground Floor; Corridor with elevators

A Matter Choice

Caitlin Darlene Freeman
GVSU Collection
Oil on Board
Artworks - Height: 54 in Width: 36 in
A painting of storefronts. There is a scaffolding set up with two people painting a brick building. The building on the left is red, the one on the right is yellow. There is a blue truck on the left hand side of the piece.
Historical Context:
"What is the human condition? Is it the reason for our existence? Is it to determine what purpose we have in this life? Is it about our daily struggles, no matter how small or minute they may seem? Or is it through that very moment in which our entire life is reflected? Do we only go through these struggles in hopes of something better? Or do we somehow find the beauty within the futility? In exploring the various meanings to this often overlooked question, I have discovered several truths. Strength and vulnerability may seem like opposite mindsets, but they unite as one in life. Some struggles may seem simple, while others complex, however, in the eyes of those who experience them, the struggle is of equal magnitude. Although the setting changes, the everyday dramas of human nature remain the same. In taking a step back, we become active spectators in what is often overlooked and forgotten within not only our own lives, but in the lives of others." -Caitlin Darlene Freeman

Library of Congress Subjects:
Water-soluble oil paint