Current Location:
P. Douglas Kindschi Hall of Science -> 4th Floor (KHS)
Location Notes:
KHS; 4th fl; Right of Conf. Rm. 4402

Songs of Silesia

Ashley Nason
GVSU Collection
Lithograph and Silkscreen
circa 2009
Abstract piece. pale tan landscape with a darker tan and black horizon. There is a horse/donkey in the midground tied to a large stump that is spraying light brown droplets out the top. There is a small structure on the left, similar to an igloo made of stone. To the right there is a dog tied up next to a patch of grass. There is a cutaway view of a rabbit's den in the foreground.
Historical Context:
"My current work explores the evolution of our environment and the changes in the existence of the natural world as a result of overconsumption, pollution, and misuse of natural resources. My current body of work goes further to explore nostalgia, fear, ambivalence, and resistance of technology in our current age. Notions of romanticism in relation to travel, isolation, and remoteness play out in my narratives. I envision places in which there is a struggle to embrace these romantic ideologies and yet a necessity to do so. In most instances this struggle is embodied in animals and their plight to survive." - Ashley Nason