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Aboriginal Art Collection ➔ Wardapi Tjukurrpa (Goanna Dreaming) - Yarripurlangu

Tess Napaljarri Ross
GVSU Collection
Acrylic on Canvas
Artworks - Height: 12.25 in Width: 12.25 in
A painting sporting a beaded pattern. The paint is laid down in small dots of different colors to give a beaded texture. The design is of a large yellow X. There are five white and black circle designs, four at the end of each branch and one in the center. The colors range from yellow, orange, red orange, white and black.
Historical Context:
This Wardapi Jukurrpa (Goanna [Varanus gouldii] Dreaming) comes from Yarripilangku, south-west of Yuendumu. It tells the story of a group of Karnta (Warlpiri women) that were sitting down in a circle. A man from Mt. Theo, of the Japangardi skin group named Wamaru, came up to the women. He wanted to take a girl of the wrong skin, a Nungarrayi. He took the Nungarrayi woman, named Yurlkurinyi, and went up the hill where they made love. Then the earth turned to Ngunjungunju (yellow and white ochre) and the man turned himself and all the 'karnta' (women) into 'wardapi' (goannas). The ochre is still found on top of the hill and is used today for love magic and for ceremonial decoration. This Jukurrpa belongs to the Napalijarri/Japalijarri and Nungarrayi/Jungarrayi subsections. It also belongs to people from Mt. Theo of the Japanangka/Napanangka, Japangardi/Napangardi subsections. In the paintings of this Jukurrpa, the group of women is often represented by concentric circles, and 'U' shapes are typically used to represent women. Concentric circles can also illustrate 'wardapi' holes and the droppings they leave while 'wardapi' tracks are usually represented by 'W' shapes.