Current Location:
L. William Seidman Center -> 4th Floor (WSC)
Location Notes:
WSC; 4th fl., Stairwell, right of doors


Salvador Dalí
Gift of Robert and Theresa Frain
Artworks - Height: 8 in Width: 8 in
A tile with a yellow face in the center, similar to a sun. Brown branches extend from the face to each of the four corners, creating sections. There is a bird in each section.
Historical Context:
"I would awake at sunrise, and without washing or dressing sit down before the easel which stood right beside my bed. Thus the first image I saw on awakening was the painting I had begun, as it was the last I saw in the evening when I retired . . . I spent the whole day seated before my easel, my eyes staring fixedly, trying to 'see', like a medium (very much so indeed), the images that would spring up in my imagination. Often I saw these images exactly situated in the painting. Then, at the point commanded by them, I would paint, paint with the hot taste in my mouth . . . At times I would wait whole hours without any such images occurring. Then, not painting, I would remain in suspense, holding up one paw, from which the brush hung motionless, ready to pounce again upon the oneiric landscape of my canvas the moment the next explosion of my brain brought a new victim of my imagination bleeding to the ground." From Dalí's book, My Secret Life: