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South Apartment D -> 1st Floor (bldg D)
Location Notes:
South D; 1st fl., Meeting Rm. 133

Vishnu Avatars

Giclée (Original is in the GVSU Permanent Collection)
circa 2008
Artworks -
Hindu religious manuscript. Center image of blue man and woman becomes center for flower shape containing 12 petals, each with its own image. Top and bottom borders have five images each of different figures. Black floral and red outer border.
Historical Context:
In Hinduism, whenever the world becomes infused with evil or needs help in its evolution, Vishnu appears on the earth to correct the wrongs and to restore the balance and harmony. Of the ten Vishnu avatars, nine have already manifested whereas the tenth is yet to appear. Vishnu has incarnated as a fish (Matsya), tortoise (Kurma), boar (Varaha), lion-man (Narsimha), priestly dwarf (Vamana), man of power (Parshurama), divine warrior king (Rama), divine lover (Krishna), and divine sage (Budhha). At the end of the present age (the Kali Yug), Vishnu will incarnate as Kalki, a man riding a white horse and holding a sword.