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Getting Ready

Brita V. Brookes
circa 2008
Photograph of two men. They are both wearing traditional outfits. The figure on the right is wearing mostly red. The figure on the left is wearing brown and looking to the left.
Historical Context:
Brita Brookes' Native American imagery comes directly from first hand experiences participating in Pow Wows of the Three Fires Confederacy area of Michigan and Ontario. The Three Fires Confederacy consists of Indian Nations who reside in the United States around the Great Lakes and Canada. Although not of Native American heritage herself, she has actively been involved in Native American communities across the country. The photos in this series reflect the qualities of light, dance, movement, texture, emotion, and energy of the Native American culture. The level of detail which is seen in the pow wow dancers regalia represents years of traditional knowledge being passed from generation to generation in the creation of these intricate and beautiful clothing and sacred objects. These two young male dancers wait before their dance at the Walpole Island, Ontario Pow Wow.

Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus Terms:
color photographs