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Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences -> 2nd Floor (CHS)
Location Notes:
CHS; 2nd fl., Central Hall, left of rm. 239

Study for Death Dream

Deborah A. Rockman
GVSU Collection
Graphite on Gessoed Paper
circa 2002
Artworks - Height: 29 in Width: 23 in
Figure wrapped tightly in a cloth.
Historical Context:
Deborah A. Rockman has been a local Grand Rapids artist and teacher for over 35 years. Her drawings, photomontages, mixed-media and digital drawings are in collections around the country. This drawing is part of her series, “Visions, Dreams, and Memories.” On this body of work she reflects, “I use my visions, dreams and memories as an uncensored source of information, and as a vital link to the integrity of the unconscious mind. The very nature of the unconscious mind as a vessel for that which the conscious mind suppresses suggests the frequently dark nature of secrets held there. Believing in the universality of human experience and the human condition, I strive to convey a moment of fear, of need, of vulnerability, of dark recognition...a moment of truth that transcends the personal and acknowledges the depth of human experience at both a conscious and unconscious level.

Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus Terms:
works on paper