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Location Notes:
PDC; Cabinet F; Drawer 07

The Greeks

Dellas Henke
Color Inkjet Print
Artworks;Artworks - Height: 8.5";16" Width: 11";20"
View of ravine floor from above, spray-paint graffiti on fallen trees.
Historical Context:
Below the footbridge it seems some boys with with testosterone poisoning have had their way with the ravine. As I approached the site from below I found a more sanctioned form of vandalism in the Gabion cages built to stem erosion caused by careless design of parking lots. I am interested in the heavy black fabric laid below the dam to stop...erosion...caused by the dam! The dam is silted in above, both with sand and chairs, beer cans, a textbook, panties, and empty Greek spray paint cans. Notice the recent collapse of the ravine wall caused by high water behind the dam. Why would anybody spray paint mushrooms pink? This is not a sanctioned student art project as far as I can tell though since the artists signed their crime I am wondering why they haven't been made to clean it up. My guess is if any other place on campus were vandalized like this...