Current Location:
Allendale Campus -> Thomas J. and Marcia J. Haas Center for Performing Arts
Location Notes:
PAC; Left of 1505

B.B. King

Jeff Sedlik
GVSU Collection
circa 2000
Artworks - Height: 31 in Width: 23 in
Poster with a black and white picture of B.B. King resting his head on a guitar. Text below.
Historical Context:
Of his work with jazz artists, Sedlik says: "The key to making truly insightful portraits is trust, and trust is not easily earned. In preparing to create a portrait, I involve the subject to the fullest extent possible. Personal conversations with the subject supplement my more conventional research into the subject's history. Discussions might include the subject's verbal interpretation of their most recent work, their plans for the future, and their views on the accuracy of their public image. I feel privileged to meet and work with worked these talented, often legendary musicians; they allow me, a stranger with a camera, to step into their lives for a significant amount of time, and I don't take these experiences lightly. Though we work in different genres, these artists usually recognize and identify with both my sincerity and the dedication with which I approach my work. When I am successful, I create an image that truly communicates some part of the subject's creative soul; a look behind the mask".