Current Location:
Shelf G7 (CS1) -> Box 183
Location Notes:
IDC; Compressed Shelving Unit 1; Section G; Shelf G7; Box 183


Federick Warren
Gift of Julie Otterbein
Opaque Silver Glass
Glass bowl, brown and blue, open top.
Historical Context:
"Born in fire, colored by the sun, kissed by the moon, shaped by wind and water. The glass that you see here today is a single homogenous mixture that can give a wide array of opaque colors. What's in the glass is a mix of tin, silver, and copper. Knowing how to melt the batch starts to get you there. Most important is to know how to work the glass during blowing. Each design and color range requires a different approach. In general, early in the process, I work the surface to create a memory that with heating/cooling will produce the desired results. Adjusting how I work produces different colors and patterns in the next piece."