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'Sevilla , Fiesta de Primavera' by Juan Dapena Parilla

GVSU Collection
Poster reproduction of original artwork
circa 2005
Artworks - Height: 27.5 in Width: 20 in
Man and woman dancing. The woman wears a pink dress. The man wears a dark suit. The piece is outlined with a blue border on thick paper
Historical Context:
The Seville Fair is held in Seville, Spain. The fair generally begins two weeks after the Semana Santa, or Easter Holy Week. Each day the “fiesta” begins with the parade of carriages and riders which make their way to the bullring, La Real Maestranza, where the bullfighters and breeders meet. For the duration of the fair, the fairgrounds are totally covered in rows of “casetas” (individual decorated marquee tents which are temporarily built on the fairground). These casetas usually belong to prominent families of Seville, groups of friends, clubs, trade associations and political parties.