Current Location:
Eberhard Center -> 2nd Floor (EC)
Location Notes:
EC; 2nd fl; East Hall right of elevators

Steel Water (HY)

Cyril Lixenberg
GVSU Collection
Silkscreen on Paper
Artworks - Height: 27.5 in Width: 19.5 in
Background: upper two-thirds dark gray, lower third light gray. Red "V" shape near center filled with blue squiggly lines running vertically.
Historical Context:
Having lived and worked in Amsterdam for most of his life, Cyril Lixenberg discovered Michigan by chance when he was invited to do a one-man show at the University of Michigan. Following that exhibition Lixenberg traveled to Michigan on a number of occasions and created a strong bond with the local arts community and college students. For many years he worked with GVSU, completing a number of sculptural commissions, lecturing on contemporary art, and mentoring students. While trained with an arsenal of classic techniques, Lixenberg opted to explore materials offered by modern society like Corten steel, and silk screen prints, but often returned to his earliest training with oil painting. No matter what medium he selected, his artwork is most identified by his strong use of abstraction and pushing the medium and the use of it to its limits. The result is an object or image that does not represent anything concrete, but is an aesthetic reflection of material, process, and creative mental engagement.

Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus Term:
screen prints