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Shelf 3C (PDC) -> Posada Print Collection Box 010
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PDC; Section 3; Shelf C; Posada Print Collection Box 010

José Guadalupe Posada Print Collection ➔ Horrible Suceso (Horrible Event)

Artworks - Height: 10.75 in Width: 7.25 in
The title "Horrible Suceso" means "Horrible Event". The image is black and white with a border and is double sided. Front: The top of the image shows a man about to swing on his wife with a bat. He hold the bat in his right hand and the woman's head in his left. She is on her knees praying to an image of the Lady of Guadalupe, who is to the right of the image. On the left is the devil holding a scroll and forcing the arm of the man holding the bat. Below the image is the title and then two columns of text. Back: The back is split horizontally into two sections. The top is in two columns, a continuation of a front page. The bottom section is text split into two columns with three face in the center, all perched on angel wings.