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José Guadalupe Posada Print Collection ➔ Reaprehensión del Bandolero Francisco Villa(The Recapture of the Bandit Francisco Villa) / Tarjetas Postales Couplets (Postal Card Couplets)

circa 1900
Artworks - Height: 11 in Width: 7.5 in
The title, "Reaprehensión del Bandolero Francisco Villa" means"The Recapture of the Bandit Francisco Villa". The image is in black and white with a border, and the piece is double sided. Front: The top of the image holds the title and then there is a full body picture of a man (presumably Francisco Villa) with rings of bullets around his torso and carrying a gun. On either side of him is a column of text. Back: At the top is the title, "Tarjetas Postales Couplets" which means, "Postal Card Couplets". It then breaks into two columns of text.