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Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences -> 3rd Floor (CHS)
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CHS; 3rd fl., Suite 300

Both Sides of the Brain, Puzzlehead Series: A Visual Tribute to Physician Family Members

Dewey Blocksma
GVSU Collection
Mixed Media, Found Objects
Artworks - Height: 20 in Width: 12 in Depth: 20 in
Found object sculpture with puzzle pieces, wires, old toys match books, photographs, etc, that form the shape of a head- two eyeballs with wires connecting them to the brain.
Historical Context:
"With the grace and speed of a greyhound, the gray matters of the brain are assembled in images as a composite of both sides of the brain. As an ER Physician turned artist, the wiring of the visual fields has always been a fascination, so in 'Both Sides of the Brain' I have attempted to depict the visual pathways leading from the retina to those mysterious compartments, the memory banks... I present this piece as a tribute to my father, Ralph Blocksma, a plastic surgeon with whom I began to make rounds as a child in Pakistan, and to my uncle Richard Boelkins, a physician who used to have an office in the Pere Marquette Round House and who took care of 8,000 railroad employees in the Grand Rapids Area." -Dewey Blocksma

Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus Terms:
found objects
mixed media