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José Guadalupe Posada Print Collection ➔ El Famoso Caballode Batallade Emiliano Zapata (The Famous War Horse of Emiliano Zapata) /. Los Gorriones (The Sparrows)

Artworks - Height: 10.5 in Width: 7.25 in
The title, "El Famoso Caballode Batallade Emiliano Zapata" means "The Famous War Horse of Emiliano Zapata". The images are in black and white with a border, and the piece is double sided. Front: At the top of the image is the title. Below this is an image of Zapata on a horse who has its front legs up in the air. Zapata raises his gun into the air and men on horses behind him also raise their guns. There are trees and flowers all around them. Below the image are two columns of text. Back: The back is dived into two sections, the top section just being a continuation of the two columns of text. The bottom section is titled, "Los Gorriones", which means "The Sparrows" and below the title are two more columns of text.
Historical Context:
Emiliano Zapata –– He was a military figure, who led a group from Morelos called the Zapatistas. They fought alongside Madero, but when Madero became president he disbanded Zapatistas to be just simple bandits.