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José Guadalupe Posada Print Collection ➔ La Soldadera En el Cuartel (The Soldadera In the Barracks)

circa 1900
Artworks - Height: 12 in Width: 8 in
The title, "La Soldadera En el Cuartel" means "The Soldadera In the Barracks". Soldadera is a female soldier. The image is in black with a border and the piece is double sided. Front: The title is at the top and the rest is divided into three columns. The left is just text, the middle shows a photo of a woman and a man, the man is wearing a uniform. The right column is just text. Back: The back is also divided into three columns, the left being in two parts, the first titled "Ven Y Ven" and the second being "El Balanceo". The middle is of a woman with large breasts, jewelry, tights, large feet and a little dog on her feet. There is text under her with the title, "Zaraza". The right column is just text.