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José Guadalupe Posada Print Collection ➔ Verdaderos Versos De Macario Romero (True Verses of Macario Romero) / Corrido Del Zenzontle (Run of the Mockingbird)

circa 1900
Artworks - Height: 7.75 in Width: 12 in
The title, "Verdaderos Versos De Marcario Romero" means "True Verses of Macario Romero". The images are in black and white with borders. There are images on the front and back. Front: The title is at the top of the image and there is a short piece in two columns below the title before it breaks into just a right column of text. On the left is a picture of a man in a hat and suit riding a horse. He's holding a gun in his right hand and pointing it up in the hair. At the horses feet there are four men dressed in the style of Indigenous tribes, with feather headpieces. Back: At the top of the image there are two columns of text and then a horizontal line to split it into two sections. Below the line is the title, "Corrido Del Zenzontle". Below this is a large picture of a flower on the left of the image, and then it breaks into two columns of text.