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Wall Galleries -> Eberhard Center Gallery (GVSU PEW Campus)
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Eberhard Center Gallery, GVSU Pew Campus


Melissa Campbell
GVSU Collection
Photographic Print
Artworks - Height: 18 in Width: 12 in
Black and white photograph of portrait profile. Woman with her eyes closed.
Historical Context:
"Emotions and personal journeys are unique to each person. Each piece that I create is a emotional record of the journey of my life. I feel that emotion cannot be separated from experience. My hope is that my work will move you within, and even spark a conversation." -Melissa R. Selmon "Art is the core foundation of who I am. I created this piece as a reminder to slow down and make time for introspection. I believe that there is beauty, growth, progress, awareness and hope that comes from looking within. Institutional racism has truly reared its ugly head and black lives are being taken by police brutality and other forms bigotry. While words cannot always ease anyone's suffering, my mission is to provide a safe place for others to acknowledge and express their pain, outrage and/or exhaustion. I believe that art is vital in encouraging tough conversations. My hope is that, one day it can bridge the gap between these conversations and the healing necessary in creating a peaceful coexistence for everyone." -Melissa Selmon Campbell (response from 2020)

Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus Term:
staged photographs