Current Location:
Building C (DEV) -> 3rd Floor (DEV; C)
Location Notes:
DEV; Building C; 3rd Floor; Between Rm. 376C and Rm. 378C

Untitled (No Child Left Thinking)

Adrianne Hollemans
GVSU Collection
Gouache on Paper
Artworks - Height: 12.5 in Width: 8 in
Two square images stacked on top of one another. Top image of gears with an attached arm. Bottom image of child being fed an American flag by a robot hand.
Historical Context:
"Storytelling is as old human consciousness. The stories we tell to amuse, teach, and inspire, can be expressed not only through written and spoken word but also through visual language. All of my work either illustrates a pre-existing story or suggests a narrative within itself. Exploring narrative possibilities in art allows me to be playful, to find imaginative ways to question the mundane. I am interested in several different methods of making artwork. Using different artistic approaches allows me to prepare for the versatile, ever changing world of illustration. I enjoy using traditional media like oil paint, watercolor, and charcoal. My work is mostly naturalistic, but I also use abstract or surreal elements to create interest. It is my hope that through my art I will generate feelings, provoke thought, and spark curiosity." - Adrianne Hollemans

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