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Location Notes:
JHZ; 3rd Floor; Suite 3090; Near Front Desk

Luminosity #190

David Huang
GVSU Collection
Bronze, Sterling Silver, 23 Karat Gold Leaf
Dark Brown exterior with a gold leaf interior.
Historical Context:
Michigan artist David Huang is a treasure seeker, but not in the traditional sense of pirates and gold coins. Rather, he seeks to figure out what people treasure in their personal lives and what people will continue to treasure for decades. Inspired by the beauty of natural landscapes around him, Huang challenges himself to re-create that timeless beauty in metal. He most enjoys working with copper, relating to the way it moves with each stroke of his hammer, the variety of colors it is or can become, and the way the light shines and dances off the lustrous surfaces he can create. He works to connect with what people consider beautiful and what brings them joy today, in the future, and what may have brought people years ago that same genuine experience of beauty.