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Glenn A. Niemeyer Honors Hall -> 1st Floor (HON)
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HON; Academic, 1st fl., Suite 120

Procession/White Palace

Giclée of Paint on Manuscript Page (Original is in the GVSU Permanent Collection)
Artworks - Height: 15 in Width: 9.75 in
A painting of a large white palace with a blue sky at the top on an old manuscript page that has writing on it and a large intricate stamp at the top. The painting shows many people in front of a palace, some on elephants and some on horses. There are three umbrellas in the crowd.
Historical Context:
Babulal Marotia is an Indian painter that specializes in the creation of miniature paintings. Using rare ingredients, semi-precious stones as pigments, and precise skill, he recreates paintings that stunningly resemble those of India's bygone era. His work has been shown and awarded in the United States and internationally.