Current Location:
Allendale Campus
Niemeyer Living Center West -> Niemeyer Living Center West
-> 2nd Floor (HON West)
Location Notes:
HON West; 2nd fl., Across from Rm. 242W

“Joy of Life” by Lawerence Finney

GVSU Collection
Poster reproduction of original artwork
Artworks - Height: 30 in Width: 24 in
Poster of illustration depicting large black man holding a baby in a basket in his arms. He is wearing a red shirt and blue jeans, sitting on a windowsill against a yellow wall.
Historical Context:
"It has been written that my art gives the viewer an up-close glimpse of everyday men and women at the cusps of spiritual or emotional awakening. This was my intent as I concentrated on subject matter of people from the streets of urban cities, rural life in the South and vaguely surreal settings. For heightened impact I practiced expressive distortion of my figures, described as monumentally robust and of titanic strength, contrasted with gentle disposition and setting. An important symbolic device I utilized was the use of light, which conveyed a spiritual mood. Through light expressed in a setting's central glow or some figures emitting a supernatural glow. I was concentrating on controlled strength, spiritual depth and human potential expressed in the style of an imagined reality." -Lawerence Finney