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Cabinet G -> Drawer 07 (G)
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PDC; Cabinet G; Drawer 07

The Art of India ➔ Peacock on Gold with Elephant Border

Paint on Paper
Artworks;Frames - Height: 7.5 in;20 in Width: 11.75 in;16 in
Note: Matte
Image of peacock in center of gold background. Series of borders: largest is red decorated with yellow floral pattern. Thick gray border with animals (possibly deer) in corners, 12 elephants.
Historical Context:
The peacock has been a favorite bird in Indian designs for thousands of years. They have long been associated with rain and thunder due to their blue colors and feather fanning. This association has made the peacock a symbol of love and passion. Sometimes a peacock is portrayed as a mark of quenching thirst, symbolically of love. As a symbol for an absent lover, the peacock serves as a companion to assuage the lonely lover, representing hope and promise of the return of his or her sweetheart. The dancing peacocks rejoice at the prospect of rain, and arouse intense feelings in the hearts of lovers. Mughal Emperors raised peacocks to grace royal gardens because their presence made a symbol of their heavenly garden, the paradise.