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Cabinet G -> Drawer 08 (G)
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PDC; Cabinet G; Drawer 08

The Art of India ➔ Green Parrot

Paint on Paper
Artworks - Height: 15.5 in Width: 11.75 in
Green, orange, yellow parrot atop green branch. Border around the bird decorated with peacocks and two sets of three birds, as well as multicolored plants.
Historical Context:
Mughal Emperor Jahangir (1605-27) encouraged his royal atelier to take up the single point perspective favored by European artists, unlike the flattened multi-layered style used in traditional miniatures. He particularly encouraged paintings depicting events of his own life, individual portraits, and studies of birds, flowers and animals. Each figure has its own importance in the state of Rajasthan: Elephant symbolizes strength, Lion symbolizes bravery, Camel for patience, Horse for progress, Peacock for love, and Cow for prosperity. In Islamic culture, flowers are often seen as symbols of kingdom of God; the Persian poets describe them as springing forth from the waters of paradise.