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Cabinet G -> Drawer 08 (G)
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PDC; Cabinet G; Drawer 08

The Art of India ➔ Maharana Jawan Singh at a Holy Recitation in the Garden Mansion (1835)

Paint on Silk
circa 2000
Artworks;Frames - Height: 21.5 in;30" Width: 15.75 in;24"
Note: Matte
The top of the image has a large mosque building with a colorful floral background. The bottom has a silver square bordered by trees. It is surrounded by a huge mass of small people. A red-orange border frames the entire image.
Historical Context:
Mewar Painting continued to flourish under King Maharana Jawan Singh. Common themes were Western style portraits of notable figures and traditional Rajput style scenes of hunting and courtly occasions. This painting depicts the Badi Mahal (from the City Palace of Udaipur, in the present state of Rajasthan, India) opened up like a cardboard cut-out. The pillars and the side walls of the upper pavilion are slanted outwards in incongruous perspective. There are trees and Maharana's party is painted in profile at eye-level. The portrayal of the attendants standing in the lower colonnades defies law of perspective.