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“Amor Sacro e Profano” by Tiziano

Poster reproduction of original artwork
Artworks - Height: 17.5 in Width: 38.5 in
Poster with image of three figures around a water basin: One woman in fine dress, one nude, one a child. Black bar on the bottom with text.
Historical Context:
Amor Sacro e Profano (Sacred and Profane Love) was painted by Titian, or Tiziano, when he was about twenty-five. It was created in honor of the marriage of the Venetian Nicolò Aurelio (coat of arms on the sarcophagus) and Laura Bagarotto in 1514. The bride dressed in white sitting beside Cupid is assisted by Venus in person. The figure with the vase of jewels symbolizes "fleeting happiness on earth" and the one bearing the burning flame of God's love symbolizes eternal happiness in heaven. In this painting of love in the open countryside Titian has surpassed the delicate lyrical poetry of Giovanni Bellini and Giorgione and attributes a classical grandeur to his figures. Titian's Sacred and Profane Love has remained and virtually become the symbol of the Borghese Gallery itself.

Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus Term:
one-sheet posters