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Glenn A. Niemeyer Honors Hall -> 2nd Floor (HON)
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HON; Academic, 2nd fl., Left of Rm. 2-114

“Paolina Borghese“ by Antonio Canova

Poster reproduction of original artwork
circa 2007
Artworks - Height: 19.5 in Width: 13.25 in
Profile of a white marble sculpture (3/4 view) against a black background. The sculpture is of a woman who has her hair pulled back. Photographed by Zeno Colantoni
Historical Context:
Antonio Canova was an Italian sculptor from the Republic of Venice who became famous primarily for his marble sculptures of nude models. Considered to be "the epitome of the neoclassical style", his work returned to a more "classical refinement" after the dramatic lavishness that was popular in Baroque sculpture. He created several highly prestigious commissioned works, such as pieces for both Napoleon Bonaparte and Louis XVIII, in addition to a piece for the state of North Carolina, for which he created a statue of George Washington to be displayed in its capitol building.

Library of Congress Subjects:
Art, Greco-Roman
Sculpture, Greco-Roman