Current Location:
Building B (MAK) -> 2nd Floor - Building B (MAK)
Location Notes:
MAK; 2nd fl., Rm. B-2-106

A Photographic Memory, #7

Emily M. Renkert
GVSU Collection
Giclée Print
Artworks - Height: 12 in Width: 12 in
Blurry image of legs wearing blue jeans and black Converse All-Stars. The person is descending a green slide. The grass near the bottom is brown.
Historical Context:
"It's been said everything that has ever happened to us is stored in our brains for our entire lives. Conversations, experiences, and appearances are all neatly tucked somewhere into the folds of our memory. We recall them often, rarely, or possibly never again. To separate memories of actual experience from those of stories heard or of photographs seen can be difficult. How much is simply what we have been told? What has been reinvented and rewritten in the process of remembering? Memory is malleable and subject to disintegration. We are frequently unsure. My photographs can act as visual tabs in the filing cabinet of our minds, providing access to personal memories. For each narrative suggested by the photographs in this series, there are related memories I can trace back to having actually happened-- I think." - Emily M. Renkert