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Current Location:
Kirkhof Center -> 1st Floor (KC)
Location Notes:
KC; Lobby

Air Show

Lisa Orr
GVSU Collection
Stained Glass, Steel, and Iron
Artworks - Height: 3 ft Width: 3 ft Depth: 2 ft
Note: Installation Size: 154' x 32'; Artwork Sizes vary: 3' x 3' to 2' x 2'
Historical Context:
My work here is influenced by several events. Most recent were the tragic events which occurred on September 11, 2001, this is when our tool of freedom was transformed into an element of fear. As an artist, I have always been inspired by theology and Catholicism. I took the shape from various paper airplanes, and made them using stained glass. This was to enhance the elements of spirituality and reflection. I wanted the sculpture to look, and act, as a paper airplane thrown from different places in Kirkof, and suspended in space, as if to be captured for a moment in time. I chose the shape of paper airplanes, because of the euphoric feelings generated through childhood memories, while playing with paper airplanes. There is a sense of childhood innocence that is lost, and then recaptured for a moment in time. There is also an element of danger, and vulnerability, in the qualities of glass, when the actual landing would expose the frailty of the material. The frailty of the planes expose the fear created by the events of September 11, along with an innocence that was lost in the tragedy, while the stained glass leaves a feeling of spirituality and reflection. The planes also reflect a life journey. Due to characteristics of paper airplanes, they are often on an undetermined path. The planes may begin toward one direction, then can twist and turn ending toward a new destination. This concept is common in the journey of life, engaging in the various unpredictable experiences to reach our destination.