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Summer of Chinese Water Town

Xing Xin
GVSU Collection
Ink on Paper
Artworks - Height: 15.25 in Width: 15.25 in
Painting of Chinese town on water. Very distinctive palm tree on the bottom left. Water on the top and right side with a bridge. There is a person in a boat on the water and a large boat at the top left. Buildings in the middle and trees on the left side. Chop mark near center of left edge.
Historical Context:
Ancient and historic Chinese water towns are known for their idealistic landscapes of bridges, rivers and canals. Many cities in China are even nicknamed “Venice of the East” for not only their beautiful water scenes but their accessibility to water trade routes, making them perfect shopping destinations. Beyond the physical use of the waterways, these water towns in Chinese represent also an atmosphere of balance between nature and its residents. The very essence of Zen and harmony is captured in these water color images of this water town during the many phases of the four seasons.