Current Location:
Shelf C4 (CS1) -> Box 102
Location Notes:
IDC; Compressed Shelving Unit 1; Section C; Shelf C4; Box 102

N11 W21

J. Amadeaus Scott
Gift of Karen Loth
Artworks - Height: 7.25 in Width: 6.5 in
Close up of the top of a brown jug with a dark brown top. There is a small reflection of a face near the opening. Jug is sideways with the opening to the right. On tan paper. 2/6 Titled lower left, numbered in center, and Signed lower right.
Historical Context:
I chose to make woodcut prints of artifacts not only to show some of the interesting items we excavated in field school, but also to reflect a piece of the history of this area. The format of woodcut prints offers a hands-on technique that resonates the process through which the stone tools were napped and the brown jug was formed and painted. These items are significant in constructing this area’s social identity, and continue to reflect the identity of the land through those who live here. This work is locally significant beyond its historic attributes in that these prints offer tangible reflections of the intangible past, which has shaped our local social identity. It is through these artifacts that we connect to the past, which has shaped our culture in the present. J. Amadeaus Scott