Current Location:
Building C (DEV) -> 5th Floor (DEV; C)
Location Notes:
DEV; Building C; 5th Floor; Between Room 531C and 529C

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Etching, Aquatint and Woodcut Collage on Kahdi and Japanese papers
Artworks - Height: 45.5 in Width: 22 in
Split into three "sections." The bottom has stripes with multiple colors. The middle is a black cross on a red square background. The top is a black etching in an unrecognizable shape. All three piece are separate pieces connected within a frame. 1/4
Historical Context:
While some artists may shift their style throughout their careers, Steven Sorman is better known for his consistency of his artistic practice. He is known for his bold designs that combine different mediums and techniques such as painting, drawing and printmaking. From 2007 to 2001, Sorman was the GVSU Stuart B. Padnos Chair. During this time he was able to teach GVSU students and faculty about his practice and ability to blend multiple techniques into one work of art.