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Flat File 01
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Location Notes:
EC; 6th flr., West Hall Between Rooms 612 and 614.

The Toth Family

Artworks - Height: 7.5 in Width: 9.5 in
Family of four, outside;The man on the left is tall and in an off white polo. The girl in front of him is in a striped, pink and white dress. The woman to the right has a pink shirt and shoulder length hair. The girl on the rightmost side has a yellow striped dress. Each member of the family is petting a dog. Holland, Michigan
Historical Context:
Pictured here are Ken, Robyn, Rylie, and Kelsy Toth. Dog family: Annie, Georgi, Jaz, and Woody. Robyn is currently the Academic Coordinator for the Seidman College of Business in the Finance Department. The Toth family was established on December 26, 1998. "We have always been a dog family... Our lives have been enriched by our 'Swissies' as we are involved in dog shows, parades, charity functions, and have established tremendous friendships across the country. Besides dogs, we also have two beautiful daughters. Our life is full with the activities of a first-grader and a preschooler, Ken's coaching football and teaching, and Robyn's working and continuing education."

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color photographs