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Eberhard Center -> 6th Floor (EC)
Location Notes:
EC; 6th flr., West Hall Left of Rm 617.

The Stoelzel Family

Artworks - Height: 7.5 in Width: 9.5 in
A man, a woman, and a child in a room. The man is on the left holding a trumpet. The boy is in the foreground center holding a violin. The woman is at the piano on the right. Allendale, Michigan, originally from Upstate New York, Indianapolis, and The Republic of the Marshall Islands
Historical Context:
Pictured here are Rich, Valerie, and Gabriel Stoelzel. Rich is an Associate Professor of Trumpet and is the coordinator of the Brass Program at GVSU. Valerie is Concert and Arts Information Coordinator at GVSU and an Adjunct Professor of Music. Gabriel attended the GVSU Children's Center from ages 2-7. "Most people our ages are planning for retirement while we are planning for our son's college tuition. Being older parents has its rewards. Gabriel keeps us young and constantly reminds us of the joy of family. We adopted Gabriel when he was just 4 weeks old. We traveled to Majuro in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Gabe is one of just a few Micronesians in the area. Having a father as a trumpet player and a mother, a former opera singer, Gabriel has developed a love of music."

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