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Eberhard Center -> 6th Floor (EC)
Location Notes:
EC; 6th flr., Outside Rm 618.

The Jennings Family

Artworks - Height: 7.5 in Width: 9.5 in
Family of six. Four adults sit on a short cement wall. The man on the left wears a white button up shirt. The woman next to him also wears a white button up shirt. The woman next to her wears a light blue shirt. The woman on the right wear an off-white shirt. There are two children wearing white tank-tops. They stand behind the seated adults. Michigan
Historical Context:
Pictured here are Raymond Shepard, Isaiah Shepard, Myia Shepard, Sarah Brooks, Josiah Shepard, and Sandra Jennings. Sandra Jennings works in the Athletic Department at Grand Valley, starting out in the Seidman School of Business in 1994 and accepted the position of Administrative Assistant for Athletics in 1996. Sandra's mother, Sarah Brooks, was born and raised in west Michigan and is an avid proponent for veterans' rights. Sandra has a son Gabriel and daughter Myia (not pictured) who have moved from Michigan to start their own lives.

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color photographs