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MAK; 1st fl., Rm. B-1-122

'Babe Ruth' by Nikolas Muray

GVSU Collection
Poster reproduction of original artwork
circa 2006
Artworks - Height: 36 in Width: 24 in
A black and white picture of Babe Ruth with a bat that is leaning on his left shoulder. "The Babe" is wearing a New York Yankee's uniform
Historical Context:
Muray attended school in Budapest and studied lithography, photoengraving, and photography. He continued on and earned an International Engraver's Certificate in Berlin. In 1913, with the threat of war in Europe, Muray sailed to New York City, and was able to find work as a color printer in Brooklyn. Between 1920 and 1940, Nickolas Muray made over 10,000 portraits. Babe Ruth played for the Boston Red Socks, the New York Yankees, and the Boston Braves before he retired in 1935. He was honored by being one of the first five players elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. This photo was used in promoting the opening National Portrait Gallery in 2006.