Current Location:
Building B (MAK) -> 4th Floor - Building B (MAK)
Location Notes:
MAK; 4th fl., Rm. B-4-232

William Lieberman Collection of Contemporary Art ➔ 2 Place Lamartine

Mixed Media on Canvas
Artworks - Height: 71 in Width: 74 in
Loose canvas with non-representational shapes. Large jagged red shape in the upper left corner. Jagged green and black shape left, below the center. Blocky shape outlined in black in the upper right.
Historical Context:
Terence La Noue uses a wide assortment of materials in order to create abstract mixed-media work. Inspired by everything from African tribes to German Expressionism, La Noue has traveled extensively and uses his travels referentially in his works. By depicting landscapes in unconventional ways, La Noue's work provokes viewers to understand the aura of a place.