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Cabinet F -> Drawer 11 (F)
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PDC; Cabinet F; Drawer 11

Robert L. Hoskins and Erwin A. Raible Collection of Fin de Siécle French Prints, Gift of Elaine Rutowski Shay ➔ Les Affiches Illustrées (Illustrated Posters)

1890 – 1895
Artworks;Frames - Height: 12.125 in;20.125 in Width: 8.6 in;16 in
Note: Matte
Woman with red hair and gold dress holding portfolio. Blue background. Published by Librarie Artistique.
Historical Context:
"Ernest Maindron curated an exhibition on the history of advertising in 1889 and wrote two books on the poster, the first appearing in 1886 and the second a decade later. Like Alexandre and Fénéon, he was keen to establish the validity of the poster as an art form. His reasoning, however, was different. Where they hinted that the canonical ordering of the arts was in itself a questionable practice, he simply tried to tinker with the canon by revising the status of the poster, to which he gave all the attributes of a fine art" (Marcus Verhagen, "The Poster in Fin-de-Siécle Paris: 'That Mobile and Degenerate Art'" in Cinema and the Invention of Modern Life, p. 110).