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Robert L. Hoskins and Erwin A. Raible Collection of Fin de Siécle French Prints, Gift of Elaine Rutowski Shay ➔ La Loge

Color Lithograph
Artworks - Height: 8.5 in Width: 7.5 in
Note: Mat: 20"h x 16"w
Image of man and woman in red, blue, yellow, and grey ink. Man has mustache and appears to be wearing a white shirt with a bow tie and a dark jacket, while woman has white blouse, with puffy sleeves at the shoulders and a high neck, and an elaborate hat. Dark background, red area on the bottom right corner, and a yellow and gray decorative border around the top and right edge and bottom right corner.
Historical Context:
Original lithograph in four colours. 1898. One of 200 special impressions (no 101) on china paper (there were also 800 further impressions) issued in 1898 for the album: La Lithographie en Couleurs. Issued to accompany the monograph by André Mellerio. Printed at the studio of Clot. Published by L'Estampe et l'Affiche, Paris 1898. Colours: Yellow, red, dark blue and grey. Ref: Bouvet - Bonnard Graphic Work no 53. R-Marx no 73. Superb impression with totally fresh unfaded colours. On off-white chine volant paper. Excellent condition. Printed virtually to the full sheet size, as issued. Sheet: 8 1/4 x 7 3/8ins (210x188mm) Bonnard's work in colour lithography reached its first great peak of achievement in the 1890's. The deliberately evocative pattern of the shapes, used to inspire a visual and emotional involvement in the viewer, is combined with an inspired approach to the actual handling of colour in lithography. In La Loge the figures in the darkened theatre box are expressed in open areas of light against the shadowy background in dark blue and overprinted red. The woman's face and blouse, her extravagant hat, and the face of her companion, are drawn in a rich pattern of yellow, blue and red, colours which are echoed in the ornate surroundings to the box which are bright in the reflected light from the auditorium. This composition was drawn by Bonnard especially for his friend the critic and writer André Mellerio. Mellerio was one of the first critics to enthusiastically support and promote the art of the colour lithograph in Paris in the 1890's. La Loge was issued by Mellerio to accompany a small monograph written in praise of the work of artists like Bonnard, Vuillard and Toulouse lautrec in the 1890's. This impression is one of the first 200 impressions on special china (chine volant) paper.

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