Current Location:
Cabinet B -> Drawer 03 (B)
Location Notes:
PDC; Cabinet B; Drawer 3


Artworks;Artworks - Height: 22";30" Width: 17";24"
Note: Matte
Poster with a white circle in the center and four squares with black and red faces. It say "Lixenberg" at the top.
Historical Context:
Trained with an arsenal of classic techniques, artist Cyril Lixenberg opts to explore art with the materials offered by modern society: enamel panels, Corten steel, and silk screen prints. In his work, Lixenberg's primary concern is exploring the dimensionality of shapes and how they interact. Color becomes an extra dimension, an uncomplicated emphasis on his eloquent use of shape. The work is the product of two vacillating tendencies: one of mental abstraction and the attempt to give it solid form and the other from the perception of the materials being used. The result is an object or image that does not represent anything concrete but is an aesthetic reflection of material, process, and creative mental engagement.