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Cabinet D -> Drawer 01 (D)
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PDC; Cabinet D; Drawer 1

The Cyril Lixenberg Collection of Contemporary Dutch Prints, a gift of the Brooks Family ➔ De Aanval (The Attack)

Artworks;Artworks - Height: 19.75 in;32 in Width: 26";40 in
Note: Matte
Abstract figures on dark plain, light sky.
Historical Context:
Jan Sierhuis is a Dutch Postwar and Contemporary painter who became known for his expressionist landscapes. In Amsterdam, Sierhuis attended a trade school to be a house painter, where he gained much knowledge of the materials and tools that became important to him in his artistic career. Early in his career he focused on naturalistic landscapes, his familiarity with brushes, paint and other tools clear in the very visible brushstrokes and movement in his paintings. He also often created abstract images or include figures in his artwork.