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HHLC; 1st Floor; 151D (study area)

'Caribbean Dream' by Samere Tansley

GVSU Collection
Poster reproduction of original artwork
circa 2001
Artworks - Height: 24 in Width: 32.5 in
Pot of tropical flowers with ocean and sky in background.
Historical Context:
Samere Tansley has been a part of the Jamaican Art scene since making the island her home in 1970. Her inspiration can be found in the people of the Caribbean, the abundance of the landscape and the sharp contrasts that exist beneath the tropical sunlight; her technique drawn from the Dutch masters of the 17th century. The almost photo-realistic effect she achieves in these images is facilitated by her use of acrylic paint on extra fine linen canvas. On her work she states: "I aim to create canvases that express the emotion and excitement that I feel toward the subject that I paint and share this visual experience with the viewer."