Current Location:
Allendale Campus -> Loutit Lecture Halls
Location Notes:
LTT; Atrium near Loutit Lecture Halls (Across from built-in wood benches and Loutit Lecture Halls)


Paul Heald
GVSU Collection
Acrylic on linen
Series of 25 panels
Historical Context:
A special commission for Padnos Hall Micro-Macro represents the scientific community’s interest in problems involving order and chance. The rectilinear repeat of panels and the inscribed geometrical figures signify simple order while the splashed colors symbolize randomness or forms not determined by any person. In the words of the artist, "the painting suggests a visual flight from either end of chaos to a center of order, and back to chaos. In the micro sense, cell division and molecular activity; in the macro sense, planetary atmospheres and an expanding universe. Order to chaos and vice versa. Randomness and wonder." In art historical terms Micro-Macro can be assigned to a style of painting while the canvas lies flat on the floor so the artist may flow large amounts of water pigment across the canvas. When finished and installed, the intent is to have the viewer experience color, in this case airy pastels, as pure color with minimal outside associations. The extraordinary length seems also to acknowledge the architectural setting.