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Think - The Path of Thinking is Often Winding. Is There Any Shortcut?


Peimin Ni
Ink on Rice Paper
Artworks - Height: 26.5 in Width: 29 in
Large, organic-shaped Chinese letter, calligraphy.
Historical Context:
"Thinking is often perplexing, especially when there is no clear end to it. When looking from beyond, through, sometimes a path of thinking appears trivial, or even silly, for often one does not get very far from the beginning after a long process of thinking. But the realization does not come until one is able to detach and maintain a distance from thinking - this is the key to the Zen Buddhist Koan of the image. Hence the healthy thinking becomes available when proper thinking about thinking takes place. When this piece is put with piece I, they hint at the Cartesian cogito, "I think, therefore I am," but now in a sense far beyond what was suggested by Descartes. An East-West dialogue silently takes place here." –Peimin Ni. Piemin Ni is a Chinese calligraphist, philosopher, author and professor at Grand Valley State University.
Gift of the Artist and Monroe Fine Art
Current Location:
Building B (MAK) -> 3rd Floor - Building B (MAK)
Location Notes:
MAK;3rd flr, rm B-3-106