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I - Big When There is Volume


Peimin Ni
Ink on Rice Paper
Artworks - Height: 29 in Width: 26.5 in
Square Chinese letter in calligraphic style.
Historical Context:
"The I is big, not because it is filled with stuff, but because of its volume inside, which may tolerate, embrace, absorb. If one looks at the image as if it is expanding beyond the paper, it becomes simultaneously an elimination of the self and the expansion of the self. The greatness of the self comes exactly from the "nothingness," the "non-self," the "openness" of genuine self. It reminds us of the sayings of the Taoist philosopher, Lao Tzu, "Usefulness comes from what is not there," and "the sages are selfless, that is why they can perfect themselves." (Tao Te Ching, 11, 7) When this piece is put with piece Think, they hint at the Cartesian cogito, "I think, therefore I am," but now in a sense far beyond what was suggested by Descartes. An East-West dialogue silently takes place here." –Peimin Ni. Piemin Ni is a Chinese calligraphist, philosopher, author and professor at Grand Valley State University.
Gift of the Artist and Monroe Fine Art
Current Location:
Building B (MAK) -> 3rd Floor - Building B (MAK)
Location Notes:
MAK; 3rd fl., Rm. B-3-105