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Cabinet E -> Drawer 08 (E)
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PDC; Cabinet E; Drawer 08

Welcome, Mr. Vance - but who's Your Friend?

Thomas Flannery
Gift of Ann MacWilliam Dilley
Artworks;Artworks - Height: 28 in;40" Width: 14 in;32"
Note: Image size: 14x14 Paper size: 28x14;Matte
Man greeting a couple, woman has 'human rights' written on her skirt.
Historical Context:
I started cartooning 50 years ago by drawing pigs. I'm still drawing pigs but now they're labeled Gov't Bureaucracy or Trusts. I draw cartoons now for the same reasons I drew them 50 years ago. I enjoy drawing them and the attention they (I) receive. In 1939 I went to Pratt nights to study painting but soon felt that this was like studying to be a brain surgeon 3 night a week. Why not study cartooning? Then, when I was able to earn a living drawing cartoons (this was in the hey day of the pre-TV magazine cartoon market), I could take up painting. I've been drawing cartoons ever since. I started my professional career doing gag cartoons, but, torn by a vague desire to improve work, when the magazine market dried up I turned to editorial cartooning with the idea of perhaps combining the two approaches - "a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down." Once in a while I think I succeed. Thomas Flannery