Current Location:
Lake Ontario Hall -> 1st Floor (LOH)
Location Notes:
LOH; 1st floor; across from rm 174

Untitled (In Memory of John)

Mixed Media Collage
circa 1970
Artworks - Height: 48 in Width: 48 in
Note: Round, 48" Diameter
Round peace sign design with bright collage and cut paper elements.
Historical Context:
Lambda Chi Fraternity was established at Grand Valley October 1967. Lambda Chi brother John T. Droz died in a car accident on May 4th, 1969 while returning from a meeting with Delta Sigma Phi’s Delta Tau Chapter at Ferris State University. Two other brothers survived the crash. John is buried near his home town of Douglas MI. This collage was commissioned by the brothers of Lambda Chi to honor John’s memory. Lambda Chi later became a Delta Sigma Phi Colony, then Epsilon Tau Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi.

Library of Congress Subjects:
Mixed media (Art)